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Baking & Cake Decorating Courses in Newham

We offer both beginner and advanced Cake Decorating courses and the opportunity to explore on-trend techniques and styles.

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Baking & Cake Decorating Courses

Course Title Day Time Weeks Fee Enrol
Cake Baking Mon am/pm 8 £100 Enrol now
Cake Decorating Skills Mon pm 8 £100 Enrol now
Cake Decorating Techniques Tue pm 10 £100 Enrol now
Cake Decorating: Sugar Flowers - Autumn Florals Tue am/pm 10 £100 Enrol now
Cake Off Winter Challenge Tue am/pm 1 £100 Enrol now
Creative Craft: Cake Decorating Level 1 Thu pm 36 £405.50 Enrol now
Wedding / Celebration Cakes Thu am/pm 8 £100 Enrol now